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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dickey's Barbecue has tasty BBQ but watch how much they place on your entree

Dickey's Barbecue Pit on Urbanspoon

I saw that this place was opening near the Costco and thought it might possibly be a good BBQ place to try. So I planned on coming out during its opening day (Nov. 7)on a balmy day. My plan was to try the BBQ brisket and see how it would fare. I selected the big "bunned" special priced sandwich and chose brisket. I love brisket and wanted it test it out against all that I have tried while judging on the bbq circuit . After seeing how much beef was put on my sandwich, (it looked quite small bit of meat- like a big half dollar), I was not pleased even for this "special". I asked the cutter “to put more meat on it “. I mean why start out a business and be stingy about the meat, which would be one of the signature entrees on the menu? He did so. He did ask if “I wanted the (BBQ) sauce? “(in these parts most want sauce on their meat but it was nice to ask anyway). I said “yes” and a tablespoon of sauce (not very thick) was ladled on to the top. I found it odd that a plain piece of white onion was on the meat (which I took off).
There were some people in the dining area but not as many as I expected. The menu is extensive: sides , kids meals, meat plates, sandwiches, make your combo, salads and takeouts. But I was taking mine "take out" (which I told them first when they asked). I was only going for the meat this time so I did not test the sides etc.
I should have asked for more sauce (on the side) as there was little “saucey taste” soaked into the meat. But it had a very good smokey flavor. So maybe “ little sauce” was a good idea (for once). The consistency was a little chewy but not "melt in your mouth". The sandwich bun had tiny yellow seeds and the bun had a real good consistency, not too dense. The meat was almost “all meat” with little fat or gristle so I was happy about that. So all in all, the BBQ was good but not the best I ever tasted. (Maybe it was laying around too long which is should have had some moist juice to keep it more moist?
I enjoyed the beef, flavor and sandwich. If and when I go back, I need to try the sauce , turkey and sides So try the beef ( pork etc) but make sure you notice how much of the beef comes with the meal. “Where’s the beef, pork or etc “ is important!

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Anonymous said...

I also eat at the dickeys on Nov. 7 and i must tell i did not have the same experience as the guy above. i loved it. this is some of the best Barbecue i have had. the staff was great and very helpful. I will be going back.. glad to have this place right down the street from my house...


Dr. Eric Flescher (dreric1kansas@aol.com) said...

Thanks for the comment. I would have liked to know what you had and what you thought was good/bad/indifferent.