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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Food To Eat Here: Burgers is King Here at Five Guy's

Five Guys Burger & Fries on Urbanspoon Burgers are king but McDonald’s, Burger King and other burger places now have big competition in Olathe and around Kansas City. Five Guys has arrived and along with it, big lines to bite down their gorgeous burgers. Every time I have peaked into this place the line has been long out to the door. This time, I decided to take the “plunge” and see for myself how good these burgers really are. While I was waiting in the long line, I got a handful of the free peanuts to munch on while the line dwindled down. It does not take long for the line to descend down to the counter. As I got closer, I gained a better understanding why people like to come here. Burger is king here but there are also kosher and other type sandwiches including veggie, grilled cheese etc . People don’t mind the fact that the burgers are not grilled but fried with 100% peanut oil. I perused the 15 toppings that could be selected. You can all of them if you want for your your burger I would try all of these except mayo, A-1, BBQ sauce and Hot sauce. My wife usually kids me that I always put these condiments on steak and other foods but not this time as I wanted a more pristine burger. I chose the big burger which is has two regular patties, which for only about a dollar then 1 patty, is more bang for the buck. I also nixed the cheese and the fries (which I was told many people like as they are freshly made and there is a cajun variety too) I stuck to my plan. I wanted the meat. While I was waiting for my order to be plated, I watched the assembly line. The jovial and pleasant burger masters were cooking the burgers in the back. These were then based to the table in the middle where the condiments were assembled. The the order with numbers are called and before you now it , you are ready to eat. These burgers have won awards by Zagat (2001-2008), Voted Best Burger in Washington Magazine (1999- 2006) and more. So what I did I think about my burger. Well worth the price. Juicy, thick and beefy. I thought it should have a little extra flavor of some sort but I liked the condiments with it. I spoke to one woman and she preferred these burgers to the grilled burgers from different restaurants m (like Red Robbin which I did not like). However, I still prefer a grilled char taste. But this one was very good and with the toppings, excellent. I can understand while these are very popular and while people are packing this place. I will compare these burgers to some others and will get back to you. If anyone else has comments, please send.

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