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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Food Finds : The Hotest Pasta in the world (it's in Cambridge, MA baby!)

East Coast Grill on Urbanspoon
I worked at Harvard University for 3 astronomy projects. I loved just strolling down to Cambridge and trying the Caribbean, Thai and other food. While I took in many restaurants, I missed this place. I was in Providence in March but I wish I was also back in April to run up to Boston and try this famous night’s hottest entrees. A special night and a menu that includes the hottest delectable entrees featured here in the entertaining Travel Channel’s Man vs Food.
The hottest grub was rated on a scale of 1-9 with the hottest being the Pasta from Hell, the featured entree of this episode while engaged with the East Coast Grill not rated #32 most popular restaurant and the #9 (now) best fine dining rating.

The hottest pasta in the World uses the hottest goat chili. He survived it. I don’t usually go for really hot items preferring to opt for spicy and flavorful versus just HOT.

When I make it here sometime I might try the

Smoked Duck Leg ... with Pineapple - Red Curry, Coconut & Chick Pea Crisp (4 Bombs)
Dry Fried Chile Squid Taco ...with Roasted Green Chili
Boston Bay Spit - Roasted Jerk 1/2 Chicken ... with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce, Banana Guava Ketchup, Rice N' Beans, Plantains & Callaloo Greens (5 Bombs)

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