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Monday, April 6, 2009

Restaurant Reviews : Bristol Bar & Grill has the seafood and more

Bristol Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon
I've known about this fixture since it moved from The Plaza to its current place on Leawood border. I've always know that they were known for seafood and more expensive fare including beef and more. The reason we had not been before is because of the latter reason. However were invited here and came for a party that offered mostly wine and appetizers. There were a wide array of appetizers which ranged from mini- quiches to mushrooms, little cheese places and more. The wine was flowing as we ate. I took a look around and it is a very nice looking place inside. The smart looking wait staff are very amiable and talkative. They were surprised that we did not want to partake by having dinner. Perhaps another time I said. I could see at coming here for special occasion or coming for the their Bristol Seafood Grill Sunday Brunch. At $20 a piece it's not cheap but the offerings are bountiful for mostly American and regular breakfast fare. The beginnings like bagels, salads, pasta are standard fare but its the desserts and the entrees where the dishes shine. I am interested in the Creole Jambalaya, sesame thai chicken wings, the shellfish Cioppino (fish stew), smoked fishes, Louisiana Bread pudding with bourbon sauce and cream cheese blintzes. Then again while the ambiance is more elegant here , for $6 less, we can try save a lot of coin if we go to my current favorite buffet Cinzettis. There more ethnic oriented entrees are employed as well.

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