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Monday, April 6, 2009

On the Road Again :Beyond Bread, Eegee's and Mi Nidito

Beyond Bread on Urbanspoon

When I was in Tucson to visit friends we decided to eat at three places before going South to Sierra Vista. I was told that this restuarant Beyond Bread had a lot going for it. It sure does. All kinds of foods for breakfast, with very different “flavors”. It was difficult to select. I decided to take home the feta, spinach and onion bread to nosh on. I tried the potato pancakes and got their coffee. A little satisfying breakfast but the bread is “ the king”.

Eegee's on Urbanspoon

It was a hot day so we stopped in here. While they have subs, and much more we were going to get one of their signature frozen fruit drinks. My friend said there was a good was to quench my thirst and he ’t kidding. I got the mango like yellow one. It’s almost like a fruit shake, very smooth and very, very cold. Unlike any kind of dessert like beverage something like Wendy’s Frosty but icy and fruity. Quite an amazing. If you have not tried one, go out soon and try one.

Mi Nidito on Urbanspoon

My friends know how to pick good restaurants. As soon as I stepped inside I saw a photo of Bill Clinton. A bright decor, the place was packed. I had read that they made a plate for him that was named the President's Plate and I had to get it. It was a smorgasbord of many of the restaurant's tasty dishes . Not only did I have a chance to taste good food, I was able to try many of the offerings on one plate. They were all good, with good flavor, and tasty. A large flour tortilla wrapped around beans, green chili, avocado, cheese and tomato. Another amazing dish, was a very unusual Mango Chimichanga. The mango fruit inside the fried burrito was so good I later found a recipe to make it when I got back to Kansas City.

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