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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So many tasty pizza types at CPK which one do you select?

California Pizza Kitchen on UrbanspoonThere seems to be so many pizza places in cities and towns all over. They are around every corner. I frankly don't understand how all the pizza places stay in business (some don't). Most of them have the boring regular types like pepperoni, cheese, sausage or hamburger or "ply" special gimics or bigger pieces. But there must be something that keeps most of them in business. But when I tasted a (boring ) Domino cheese pizza during a meeting , I shook my head and wondered, is this what what is all about? No because I don't want to eat the usual pizza. I mean I do but I would rather a pizza type that I can remember. I want something different. I am not much for chains but at this chain, there are so many different types of tasty toppings, I almost don't know which to choose. I tasted the BBQ chicken with that smoked gouda is something else (the first topping born for this chain in1985) when I tasted this type long ago in an airport. I was hooked. Since then I have tasted the Jamaican jerk chicken with the sweet Caribbean sauce and (I love) Thai chicken with mozzarella and spicy peanut chicken and sesame sauce. I really want to sink my teeth into the Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza. I'd like to compare the roasted Garlic chicken to another pizza place I love.But now there is more to the menu with great appetizers, salads, thin crust pizzas , pastas, specialties and even smoothies! So when I come here again, I know I want the tried and true honey-wheat dough but which one of the toppings from the 21 do I pick? I pick one from the " unusuals" because that is what pizza taste is all about - taking pizza to a different level. Now that this pizza (and more ) chain is in town, I can check things out even further. I also might get their pizza recipe book to make some of the delicious pizzas at home too. Then there will be Kansas City Pizza Kitchen.

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