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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mossy Bayou company has some tasty condiments that have different zing to them

I regularly review the Chili Pepper magazine. There are many hot, spicy and usual recipes. Also there their are listing of awards from the magazine concerning condiments, (hot) sauces and more that are judged to be award winning . I look for winners in their categories. The Mossy Bayou company has achieved some prestigious awards so I decided to try them.

The Bayou Blend is a seasoning that is very unusual. I like that the main ingredients are not primarily salt but include more pepper, garlic powder and then others. The Bayou blend is subtle with its garlic, pepper blend that doesn't overwhelm your taste buds with salt. It has a nice heat flavor but is not by any meals too spicy. If you want a blend that "really burns " this is a not a good one for you. I like it.

The Louisiana Swamp Scum Hot Sauce is a muddy looking hot sauce made of peppers, vinegar, salt, molasses, natural flavorings and uses caramel coloring. The swamp sauce has the right blend of tangy vinegar and hint of salt and molasses which gives it a distinctive bite. I really like the flavor with veggie burgers, beef burgers, vegetables, cheeses, stews and more.

The Cajun Chow Chow calls itself a relish and is a medley of green cayenne peppers, vinegar, onion, garlic, salt and spices. Once again salt is down on the listing of the percentage of ingredients. I once again liked that and the relish gives a fresh flavor. I really like the garlicky and pepper tone of the relish. All are really good on the sweet potato fries, the burger and even a vegetable bean oriented veggie burger. I like the Chow Chow and the Swamp sauce the best as they don't take taste too hot but have a nice heat to go along with the other spices and vegetables.
I can see them being used with chicken, beef, vegetables and more. They could also add a little zing to soups, stews and more. So while I can't get back to Bayou country in the near future, I can taste Cajun country by using these condiments. Order and try some.

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