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Sunday, March 1, 2009

San Francisco is great for food and more- An American Iron beaten tonight

I love San Francisco. I have been here for some conferences, traveling and a NASA conference. After the conference day events, I would walk down to the warf and either eat Thai or something on the way or at the warf. I have some reviews already from restaurants I have tried. But one that I would like to try it I ever come to SF is Aziza, rated #1 in Morocco in the area. It's head chef is

Iron Chef America battle against this chef who focuses on Morocco food, rated #1 in SF area by Urbanspoon
I love when I hear that chef Mourad Lahlou did not start out wanting to be a chef and then changed. This chef was an economist first. See more about his background (very interesting)
He would go up against Iron Chef Cat Cora in a redfish (once popularly known in Cajun dishes)
Then I saw it is #1 in SF Morocco ethnic restaurants.

regular menu
review from SF review

But then back to the battle. I always watch intently to see what they are making and of course what happens when the meals were presented. Both competitors had good plating. I thought that Lahlou had good balance of acidity in some dishes but lost points as to taste. They were both original. I thought Cora was ahead on originality and different types of food. She got shot down for a redfish beignet because being fried it was not original enough.
I picked Cora by +2. I am usually right on or one or two away from the winner side. However, I was wrong but was was glad to see that Lahlou won and killed her +7 . So I was off by 9 which way off for me. Still let's say I am glad he won.
The outcome was
Cora Lahlou
taste 23 26
plating 11 14
originality 11 12
45 52

I hope to go his place someday. If any of you try his place, send me a buzz and let me know.

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