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Saturday, February 7, 2009

St. Louis Pizza what is it and where do I find it?

George's St Louis Style Pizza on UrbanspoonThis place has been around for 2 years and even though we have been by it for years, we never knew it existed. This was even more apparent when we first heard about it and were driving around trying to find the place, even though we pretty much understood where it was. Finally at night, we found it. The reason it was difficult is there is not lighted sign , We came for a party. All the state are very courteous and helpful. Wed quickly found out that these square, huge pizzas are different and tasty,
What makes a St. Louis pizza anyway?
It has a distinctive superthin unleavened crust using usually a combination of provolone, swiss, and white cheddar cheeses. The taste was a little on the sweet side and the pies did not have a lot of sauce. But there had great taste and were very different tasting. We had veg, pepperone, and cheese pizzas for this group in a buffet format. Lots of fun and homestyle place. Also there was salad with Italian dressing which which were okay ( I prefer Italian dressing to be slightly tangier). They also have subs, many other types of pizzas, sandwhiches and more.
I am glad we found the place and tasted these different pies. Find it and try it too.


JH said...

George's has been around forever, closer to 20+ years than 2 years. Previously it was called Leo's, but it is the same. Anyway, the pizza is great. Get pepperoni & italian sausasge with MIXED cheese (very important)

BTW - are you not natively from the US? Just curious

Dr. Eric Flescher (dreric1kansas@aol.com) said...

Thanks for the post and asking. Well I thought the wait staff said 2 years. I've been in Kansas since 1981 and in the Kansas City area since 1992.( see the left side part of the blog for more information). I originally come from RI where there was a lot of pizza, Italian food but no St. Louis types! I just never saw this place and I have been by that area like I said very often. No big sign maybe. Still very interesting and different pizzas. There are so many pizza places that are boringly the same or like other pizza places. This was a breath of fresh air . Thanks once again for posting. Feel free to post comments in the future. Also check my reviews like this one on Urbanspoon and put me down as a friend. ? let me know

Burton said...

From one Fleisher to another Flescher...

St Louis pizza is a thin crust pizza that has a bottom crust resembling that of many frozen pizzas on the market. The pizza is cut into squares much like the rest of the Midwest (Chicago & Milwaukee) but the real key difference is that they also use a signature cheese called "Provel", an unholy marriage of Velveeta & Provolone. Imo’s is the place most famous for it, but they do it about the worst. The best rendition I’ve ever experienced of it was at Tucker Place near Downtown St Louis.

If you ever get a chance to get to Racine, WI (about 25 miles south of Milwaukee) Wells Brothers is about the best of the other Midwest style pizzas called “Tavern” or cracker crust thin. And one more thing; when you order Pizzas in St. Louis, Chicago or Milwaukee, try to forget for a moment that you’re a former east coaster and just get the sausage! It’s what we do best, pepperoni is more of a 2nd favorite with us.


I like your blog BTW!