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Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the bar part you can at least see your steak

54th Street Grill and Bar on UrbanspoonWe've been here twice. Service is efficient, prices are reasonable and there are a variety of items on the menu.The menu sports appetizers, burgers, salads, Mexican fare, subs/clubs, steak and grilled items and some pasta and seafood. Lots to like if I could read it though. In the booth it was so dark, I had to use my red light to figure out what I wanted on the menu. Lately(2nd time) by happenstance, we were routed to the bar which is more noisy (so much it was difficult to hear the waitress take our orders for drinks etc). However we preferred this spot as ,the bar , filled to the brim with sports and other memorabilia, has interesting TV displays all over but more importantly, had bright light to read the menu and we could see each other. I ordered steak twice (this time and last time), my wife once. The big Street House sirloin both times were flavorful, juicy and nicely grilled. This time her the Coyote, marinated chicken sounded good . It marinated with Cajun spices and nicely blackened grilled to seal in the juices. It came just the wayshe liked it. Succulent and juicy, it came with the nice baked potato and the nicely steamed vegetables. This time I went with the nice huge bowl of Caesar salad. I wanted to cut down on the carbs so I ordered the steak tortilla soup this time instead of baked potato. My wife had gotten this sometime before with friends and really liked and suggested I try it. It was good with black beans, pieces of steak, tortilla and a dollop of sour cream. Creamy, tasty - not my most favorite tortilla soup (it needed some lime or something) but it was good. There is even items for kids and also desserts (we were too stuffed). Lots to offer, good prices, I'd come back here and sit at the bar again.

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