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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2nd time is the (Thai) charm for Thai- Siam.

Thai SIAM Restaurant on UrbanspoonSeveral Chinese buffets in Lawrence are quite good (particularly my favorite Jin-Shan). But before heading back to Olathe, my thoughts instead turned towards Thai, my favorite. With the buffets, there are usually one type of noodle dish, rice, curry orr special Asian dish. I wanted to savor something different so I thought about giving Thai-Siam another chance.
The first time, I was at this place, my take out "was not so hot" . When I got home with it, I was shocked. it was mostly a curry like soup with a few vegetables and one piece of beef. I was not happy. I usually don’t go back if a restaurant is not good, even for one trip, but that menu and Thai beckoned my tastebuds. For a small place , they have a big menu with many curry, rice and specials. I thought about the duck (I love duck) noodle soup and some of the other dishes but I zoned in on the specials. The ingredients for the specials were on a little list behind the counter. I had to ask several times which was okay . I had to look several times at the little list and decided that the Princess Beef, with thai bird chili, cashews, pea pods, carrots would be the one to try for this second chance. This time, I watched carefully to see how this dish was made. The motherly chef, began scooping out ingredients with her wok, from a little ingredients cart. In they went into the wok with the clanking wok utensal. It was nice that most of the entree was in the Styrofoam box taking up a good amount of space while the rice, was in a smaller chinese meal box.
The beef was tender. What I liked was a nice little heat flavor which lingered from the thai chilies. . And I could taste come of the chilies in the brown soy like gravy that I mixed over the rice and vegetables. The bright green snow peas, a good number of crunchy cashews and carrots integrated well with the soy like spicy sauce and the beef. So I have to give it thumbs up. The prices are pretty reasonable. Like I said the menu is pretty big so there is lots of other entrees to choose from the Thai/Asian section looking for the spicy flavor and different dishes from Asia.

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