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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Korean noodles+ veggies + turkey+ sesame sauce=yummy

I had Korean noodles, veggies, a sauce and some turkey pieces. It was time for me to make an Asian bowl type food for dinner. I found my trusty Bowl Food cookbook by Lynne Aronson & Elizabeth Simon and the sesame sauce recipe. Only thing I did not have "sesame" for the sesame seed sauce. No worry maannn!
The Lan Chi brand was recommended in this recipe but no matter I did not have it. This recipe said if you do have it, you need to make sure it not out of date. And Middle Eastern tahini sesame paste does not count. But this recipe said smooth peanut butter was an excellent substitute, so I was in luck.
I boiled the noodles for 10 minutes, no more no less and then sprayed water over them to take off some starch and then added some sesame oil. I got the turkey shredded and ready while I worked on the sauce and let is heat up. (peanut butter, soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, red curry paste, Chinese 5 spice (instead of just star anise) and a juice of a lime. I wokked some pieces of mushroom, yellow squash with thyme and also added peas and broiled red peppers. So lots of color, protein, noodles and the sauce. The extra bit of lime, which is added after cooling down really added an extra little kick to the paste/ sauce.
The sauce came out pretty well as my wife was telling me not to take so much on my noodles. It came out well and tasted good. The sauce was a little different then ones I have made before. This was one of the better ones. I would have to rate this sauce and the whole 9.7/10 .

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