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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Mongolian but use the cheat sheets

I've been to several Mongolian BBQ's : Ann Arbor MI, Lawrence KS, Olathe KS , Spokane WA and maybe a few others. The best one was in Spokane where there was fresh salmon on the Mongolian. It was magnificent Mongolian BBQ.. The taste, flavor , freshness superb. What I found in that one and this one, there are cards and recipes that give you instruction and guidance concerning what ingredients, sauces and condiments go better with certain foods (chicken, beef, seafood etc) and what go best according to your tests. Like in Spokane and here, there are guides which I find help you taste the food and make for better Mongolian fare. Without that you have a mishmash of flavors that don't meld. If they don't integrate well it means your meal does not taste as good as it would be. In both this KC place and Spokane everything was fresh and had the guidance of what condiments to add. While I love to cook and make my own recipes, I found these Mongolian's the best I have visited. It might be why this place is packed quite often. It does have a good location but it is possibly the extra touch that brings out the best in the food. If you see a Chinese restaurants without the "cheat sheets" you might be a little disappointed. But at this place (and Spokane) they were mighty tasty. Try it but use the cheat sheets!

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