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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding Nemo in this great aquarium, the restaurant has ambiance and very good food

Pro shop. Named after the "purple isle" string of islands in the Florida Keys, this restaurant transports you to Florida for fish and much more. It's huge and this restaurant has a bright interior due to the tall glass windows. The menu has a varied menu and good looking fish entrees and more. So I thought this place would be a good place for our little group to come during a Sunday. I was right and made a good choice. We were seated in a cozy little room for our little group. The outside seating looked good but here we had a little solitude. Plus one side of the wall had side of the smaller part of the aquarium so we could "FIND NEMO" in other words look at the amazing fish too as they swam by. My friends were here before and tried the chicken & salad entree. Those were good but we came for seafood. The waitress was very courteous and helpful. I asked about the Islamorada signature famous fish The Smoked Wahoo (a white delicate fish) wrap but it was dip like paste on tortilla and did not sound good to my liking. The fish and chips sounded good to me even thought the waitress admitted she did not eat fried foods and did not know if it was really good. It did not sound "boring at all" so I went for this English staple food. We wanted to go light with the meal and with entrees. My wife chose the Blackened ahi tuna wrap sandwich with sesame slaw. Her tuna sandwich was cooked perfectly. I had been doing Tuna wrong for years and finally learned how to grill or bake it right while in Providence, RI. You have to leave the center tender and pink and that is how my wife's sandwich came - perfect - and she loved. I took a bite and it was good (I love tuna anyway). My beer battered three huge fish and chips pieces were lightly breaded, golden brown from the fryer and were just like this "mate" likes it. Flaky and moist inside the fried exterior, they were delicious. Plus the waitress brought the malt vinegar to the table without asking which was nice. It gives the fish a little extra zing ( and it also good on fries). I usually don't have french fries but I thought well I would go fried all the way today. The fries were long, crispy and delicious. The pieces were so big, I decided to take home two of the big pieces. While watching the fish, the waitress suggested we try the bread pudding which she said was really good. We deliberated but since I love bread pudding I could not pass it up. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and with the sauce a good dessert. Not the best I have ever eaten but it was still tasty. I would definitely come back here and try the other entrees. The menu also have steaks, chicken, more sandwiches, appetizers, other salads and more so even those the title says "fish" there are more options at different price ranges and depending on your appetite Watching the fish in the aquarium is very peaceful, the ambiance is very nice and the place is quite. I don't hunt, shoot or fish, b ut I can always come here to capture some good food and ambiance.

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