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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quiznos I want it my way -don't hold the lettuce, tomatoes etc

We have picked up subs a few times over the years when we had coupons, before going to Theater in the Park in Overland Park, KS. These subs are good for the toastiness and the different breads. But the really thing is what is inside. My wife likes the tuna sub and the fish salad is good. There is a good amount of tuna (with not much mayo which is how she likes it ) . The meat subs are not bad but you have to pay extra for double meat which is a rip off. There are not many coupons like there used to be or spealty days. There is new footlong subs for $5 and premium as well as the signature and the everyday values. But really does it really matter if there is not enough meat in the ones you want? Some have double meat so check . Then its worth it possibly. The Philly cheese steak and some of the meat ones that originally come with double meat were a good deal. However lately I have tried the meatball subs because there is a good amount of meat with them. (And if you want to extra toppings, like the tomato, lettuce etc, make sure to tell them to add them before they put them in the wrappers so you don't get a surprise. But whatever you do- make you don't add Italian dressing or some like that have a oils. It will go right through your sub especially if you have the wheat bread and/or leave the sub for awhile (even your frig) or in the car for awhile going home. You will end up with a a soggy mess . Trust me it is not pretty and a complete meltdown. I've learned that mistake.

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