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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another one goes down this time Amor de Brazil

Amor de Brazil on Urbanspoon CLOSED:

I was really surprised when Copeland was let go to make this new Brazilian restaurant. I was surprised because I thought Copelands was consistently good. We had been there at least once or twice a year since it opened. The meals were always cajun, well prepared and the place seemed hopping and full. It shutting down makes me wonder about the state of the food industry sometimes- what makes a restaurant keep on going and others to shut down.
I also wanted to come to a place like this Brazilian place when I first saw that they had these steak places in Texas . But at $33 a head plus tip, we are talking $40 before you do anything else , for one meal. I can really put it away but I have a hard time "stomaching" $33 for one meal no matter how good it is (more about that later in another part of my blog). A special ad was for $19 for like a lunch but it did not include all the meat or the salad bar. I looked at the salad bar, having gone once inside to check it out. It did not look better or as great as I thought it would be compared to the salad bar at Cinzettis in Overland Park, KS or one of my latest favorites, the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, which I consider once of the tastiest and flavorful salad bars.
I have never seen this place really packed. Usually there are no more then maybe 6 cars in the parking lot as I go by weekly after working out or going to work out.
Now someone else says they are closed. I went by and took a picture. It sure is shut down with the sign on the door (next to the window). Quite possibly the other restaurant like this in Kansas City and the new one on the Kansas City Plaza( that is like the one I know of in Texas and other places) was the fatal blow. I mean how many all you can eat Brazilian restaurants can you have around in this area. Apparently one less.

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