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Friday, January 9, 2009

Jason's deli - this why I don't like these places

Jason's Deli on UrbanspoonThey do have soups, sandwiches, salads,subs, (this one poboys), sides, healthy heart meals. kid food, coffee, drinks and more. The menu is pretty extensive. I don't usually eat at chains because they are commonplace. Just like similar deli chains ( Panera, Einstein etc.) the food is good if that 's what you want. For the most part when we have eaten here and in Lawrence, a couple of times, the food is okay but nothing spectacular by any means. I had a one of the combination (1/2 each ) with the Santa Fe chicken sandwich and southwest chicken chili. Its okay, not great but a delicious Santa Fe meal it is not. My kids their salads and entrees but I can't remember what they had. And that is part of the problem. For the most part, most of the meals are what I can make at home, so why should I eat it here when it cost less at home? Plus when I go out and want to spend some cash, it will usually be something different, taking food to a different level, food that is something I can savor and remember. And for the part there is little at these places that I will go out of my way to purchase a meal. Time is precious and so is my eating out. I savor the food just like I savor the memories of foods. If it can't be a gastronomic exploration, I don't go out of my way to eat someplace and plunk down some $$$ plus tip etc. There are too many other places to eat, when we can. So while many people like these chains, plain eats, I don't, so I vote ney and don't come here or in Lawrence.

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