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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Singing the blues at Jardine's

Jardine's on UrbanspoonIt was our friends 35 wedding anniversary. They picked Jardine's for the Jazz and music, a place we have never been. It was very, very cold but we braved the cold and traveled to the Plaza. We hoped the music would warm us up. It did.
The place is really cozy, small but big enough to hold a small stage, music area, a bar and enough chairs and tables for music lovers. But this is a place where you can drink and eat as well. There all kinds of drinks, beer, cocktails, teas and more. One of the women chose the chocolate martini which went for $10 and she thought it was good. My wife had tea and I went for H2O. I wanted to use my money for something to eat.
It was a weekday so maybe that is why there was not cover charge. No matter. The menu has entrees (ranging from $12 to #30) with pork, fish, pasta,, sandwiches and more as well as appetizers ( hummus, dips, brochettes), burgers, salads and desserts. It was 9:15 and the music was about to play, so we had to chose quickly and get served quickly. My wife wanted the chocolate mousse and drink tea. I decided to get the salsa and chips for $6.
Before ours arrived, other quests got theirs. The appetizer with a multiberry ( blueberry, raspberry etc) sauce that you dip the triangle. The fruity dip was indeed berry like, not too sweet with a hint of sourness. Not too shabby. Now on to the salsa where I wasn't as happy.
The salsa was probably the worst I have ever had (besides Pace Picante - which I call salsa). It did not have a real "tomatoey" taste. It had no distinct flavor let alone any spiciness. But I wanted something to nibble on while waiting for the music. So I used the chips which were unremarkable to say the least. We had more luck with the music and my wife's dessert.
Her mousse was tall and thin. So much so we could not get a normal spoon down into it. We got some skinnier spoons and the chocolate met our taste buds. Thick, smooth, my wife loves its pudding like consistency and I thought (what I could get) it was great too!
The company was great, the music was jazzy and the inside were cozy. Nice place. I could see coming back again. My wife might go for the Mousse again but I would definitely skip the salsa and chips and try something else. But it is the music that will keep me coming here. Give this intimate and interesting place a shot.

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