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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Koshu wine bar a little pricey but good food

Koshu Wine Bar on Urbanspoon It was one of those rare cloudy days and I could not get some better photographs that I wanted. I had been here some 24 years before. Now I was winding my way to Yellowstone from Idaho to photograph and videotape Old Faithful and other spectacular sights while using my digital camera and equipment. While I was hungering for good photos and exciting my mind with visual scenery, I was also excited about the food possibilities here. Wow has Jackson Hole expanded. So many restaurants. I was able to find a hotel spot and then I checked out where to eat. I heard the Koshu Wine Bar was trendy and good and had a pretty good food. At least that is what the guide said. I found it. It is not a big place and while I don't usually go to wine bars, I went here for the entrees. It's not a cheap place (I mean what in Jackson Hole is?) but the Thai beef salad caught my eye (for then $16). I've made a version of this before. This one has a very good spicy soy like sauce dousing the pieces of grilled flank steak bee. The only thing I did not like were the pieces were big sized so I had to cut them down to size.The salad of greens with it went well. I was satisfied. So the guide book was right. Possibly if I had more time to discover other restaurants I might have picked something different. But I love Thai and while, at that time, it was a little pricey it had good food. Not the best I have ever tasted but not bad.

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