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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jin Shan: this is a great buffet- you will not be disappointed here for many reasons

Jin Shan Restaurant on UrbanspoonOnce of our favorite buffets for several reasons. Of course you can order off the menu but we prefer, always, to try the buffet which features well prepared and tasty Chinese, Japanese and Sushi and more. The price is right to dive into the buffet and start with the hot and sour (great tasting with sourness to it) or egg drop soup (not bad either with a little extra flavor). The buffet selection is enormous and my kids in particular, like going here when I come to Lawrence to meet them (they are living in New York City). . My kids love sushi and they introduced me to sushi. I know of no other place to get sushi reasonably priced, well made and fresh. (You can watch as they make it). Different kinds, set out but I particularly like the fried sushi which I think is the best as it very unusual and crunchy plus I life the flavor. But I like all of them. Little soy sauce and some green "wasabi" condiment and you are good to go Here is where I come if I am in Lawrence and want sushi. I mean for the price why would I go anyplace and then after your sushi "fix" there is so much more. else. They have unusual dishes like good roasted chicken or duck, nice and moist Asian salmon, several types of crab dishes and mussels. The crunchy and meaty chicken wings are great. The fried noodles and Chinese rice are good too. The tried and true broccoli and beef, is always good as well as many other Chinese dishes (chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegetable). I really like the flavor and the "spin" that their chefs here put on even the common dishes. There are also frog legs, mussels, shrimp of different kinds (boiled, in shell, steamed, in combination dishes) and much more. You have to come here to believe the kinds it offers and all consistently excellent and piping hot. There is also ice cream dessert, puddings and more to finish off your meals. The staff is courteous and polite. It might be a little out of your way ( couple miles from the main drags in Lawrence but its on the way coming in or going out to Kansas City on Highway 10) but it is worth it at a very reasonable price for lunch or dinner. When I am stormchasing and come back through Lawrence from Topeka, I usually stop here too. So wether you are chasing, riding around Lawrence and have never tried this place, you are really missing out! For sushi, the Asian fare, the price, the tastes and different types of dishes from the unusual too, you can't beat it.

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