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Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been around for a long time- not that great

Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe on Urbanspoon I've been here several times with friends. The last time was when my ( main committee ) KU (University of Kansas) professor invited me out after I had completed all my doctoral work and presented my dissertation. That wasn't all that difficult presenting. Finding something good on the menu now that was difficult.Chains don't excite me and this place doesn't either.
It was nice he invited me out so we could wrap up things informally. I mean I know had my doctorate, all that went into getting it down. Now all I had to do was wrap up the dissertation. Some people actually quite at this stage and never really finish their degree. I can't understand that. What I also can't understand is why people come here to eat Mexican.
Over the years, new and better Mexican restaurants have sprung. Many excellent better restaurants. This one just doesn't "pass the test".The menu has grilled items, salads, specialties, enchiladas and traditional Mexican stuff. & Combos. I had a chicken entree , Chipotle Chicken Burro, marinated chicken in a tortilla. But the meal was really boring . It's like the "whole" meal was "tired". The salad part of the entree did not seem all that fresh and the chicken was average at best. Wish I could say more but the meal " was just "sub par". Even the insides of the place, don't excite me and I guess it rubs off "on the menu" which is not all that great. There is nothing special on the menu and I have not been back because there are better places to spend money. And I will say that even if you don't have to pay like I did this time. I just can't see someone going here when there are so many other good Mexican places " to liven up the tastebuds".

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