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Saturday, December 27, 2008

BB's Lawnside BBQ: I've heard about it- know I've found it

B.B.'S Lawnside BBQ on Urbanspoon My friend told us to be here at this restaurant at 4:00 PM for Blues and BBQ. I had tried to find this place weeks before as I heard it was very good. No Luck then and I was not doing better now. Signs were not explicit enough. The Internet and asking for directions finally had me towards the right direction. I had to go just East and finally it was right there on the street just to the south. I was not quite sure of the setup but my friend said to come at 4pm. We got here just after 3:30 Sunday. The place was so jammed packed we were not allowed to enter. It was "Battle of the Bands". You could hear the bands from outside and it sounded great. Well it did not look like were going to get in. But nevertheless, I got a menu and decided to take something home to eat even if we could not get in. I decided on the bigger beef sandwich called "The Big One", (my wife was "turkeyed" out as of late). The line was a little long because they were busy filling order from the people who were either seated or lining the walls (isn't that a no-no?). I did not mind at all waiting some 10-15 minutes for the order to come as I just listened to the excellent blue music. I got the order, got mild and hot sauce to compare and we left.
When I got home, then the feasting began.
The sandwich (on white bread) was pretty big. I gave my wife one half of the sandwich and I took one half with another portion ofmeat and another piece of bread left for next time. I got a mild and hot forms of the sauce. Very mild, runny with a hint of maybe paprika or something. I am sorry to say their is one of the worst BBQ sauces I have ever tasted. Little flavor, lacking a true "sauciness" rich flavor. The meat strands were a little thicker then I thought they would be. It was good but not as succulent as I thought the meat would be. My wife thought it was not as good as other BBQ that I had brought home mainly because she thought the sauce here was so terrible in particular (she likes sauces and so do I). Still we liked the sandwiches and it had the "smoke" on inside edges and had good smokey flavor. But the meat is the real deal here and it was good, for some reason maybe not the best I have ever had. The order came with a few nice crisp coin- like pickles as well as 3 nice big slivers of crunchy potato type fries (I did not expect this and added bonus). The price was quite good ($7.95) for the size of the sandwich. What I found is that extra $1.25 for the bigger order bought a half a sandwich which was a good deal as I ate it for lunch the next day. Actually I thought the meat and the sandwich with the BBQ sauce (from a rival BBQ place that I had) made a better sandwich this time. But this restaurant has quite a number of other items which (at least with their titles) look great. It will make me come back, and I am sure that's why others keep coming back too.
There are many other entrees, sides, appetizers that look good including Cajun and other dishes ( fish, seafood, burnt ends, pork, chicken, turkey). I definitely like this place for the music, the menu and funkiness of the place. I don't listen to blue alot but this music was very good indeed. I took copies of the calendar what music will appear in the future. Now that I know where this place is, I know what it offers, I will have to come back for sure to sample the burnt ends and other meals. There is much that I like about the place. I can understand why people have been coming back here for years. I can't believe I have not been here sooner!

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