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Saturday, December 27, 2008

El Caribe : We have been here several times except one time it was closed

El Caribe Cafe and Lounge on UrbanspoonWe have come here for years and tried many different Carib dishes (chicken, beef etc). The menu is not extensive but what it does have is pretty good Caribbean fare. Its nice and festive looking inside. The prices are ok. The quantity food is average at best but quality is fairly good. We have tried the Spicy jerk chicken but is was only slightly. Jerk (which I have made several times and there are different recipes) to be good has to have a bite to it or something but this one was only okay. The coconut chicken was not bad . The Spicy Beef Jerk was better then the beef for some reason. The Mango chicken however was probably the best. And we tried others. However I keep thinking each entree should come with some free salsas or condiments or some bread or something (like chips and salsa). In fact once, they had a holiday buffet for $24 and I tried it. There were a lot of different dishes, chicken, beef special enchiladas, and others. However we have not been back as of late. They switched their menu to a "Tropical Coastal Mexican type menu from what I heard instead of expanding the Caribbean menu with the Mexican fare. However when we went to try it out, the door was locked. I was surprised to see it listed on this forum as I thought they were gone. We had gone to it one night to have dinner and it was completely locked with no sign or nothing. Are they still in business?

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