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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue: Nice place, versatile menu, good food but it's not the best BBQ

Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue on Urbanspoon

We first came here years ago at the first original one on the Missouri. Very rustic crowded but worth it. The burnt ends were great and so was everything. This restaurant has a lot of character. Then the Overland Park one arrived. Since then have been many times to this location, with friends and ourselves.
This location is big but does not have the rustic flavor compared to the Missouri location to the South. However just like the other location, the menu is huge. Of course there is beef, brisket, pork, fish, sides and desserts so there is lots to choose from. This place is popular so you might have to wait.We did not have to wait long.
This time, I tried a combination plate. I had the burnt ends which the lamb ribs. The lamb ribs were more meaty then I thought they would be and very flavorful.This was a great find. My burnt ends were were meaty and had smoky flavor. The portion was good for about two small sandwiches. I liked the smoky BBQ beans and coleslaw. We tried the huge stack (like a pyramid) onion rings which were succulent. However I think this side is over priced.
My wife's burnt arrived " very burnt " so much so she did not want to eat it. The waitress was nice enough to order another free order of burnt ends that were be more to her liking, juicy, meaty and with less char. Since my wife's portion was going to be thrown away anyway, I asked to take it home anyway and it was okay for me. Previously at another trip, my brother-in-law got the Grilled Salmon which was very good. What is unusual about this fish is that the salmon has meat juices drip on it from above to you get that really smoky taste with the fish. If you don't want any type of beef or if you are a vegetarian that eats fish, then you should be aware of this.
This location can be quite noisy. The crowd was huge but we could still talk. Its a nice place but I have discovered some BBQ places that "give you more bang for your buck". I prefer a place that is not so frugal with the main portion of the meal and provide a bigger portions for the price. While the sides are very good, I would rather pay for more " meat".Still I have to give this place thumbs up. It has ambiance and looks nice and is a nice place to have a dinner or lunch with friends, family, kids and others of all ages. But now when I want BBQ, I will go to some other BBQ places that I have discovered that fills the plate to a greater extent and gives more "bang for the buck".

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