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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cinzettis : my favorite Italian restaurant in Kansas City City- maybe yours too

Cinzetti's Italian Market on Urbanspoon
I grew up in Providence, RI. When my family went out, it we mostly for either Italian or Fish ( I can never remember Asian or Chinese). But now in Kansas, Italian is what we mostly share at home and don't usually eat Italian at a restaurant. But if we do, I am a little picky about the prices. I am not interested in the Italian restaurants with nice choices but mega buck prices or that have entrees that you have to pay extra ( for sides or salads). To me that is being too pretensious. When this place opened a few years ago (an off shoot of one built in Colorado I believe), I had to try it. And it was as good as advertized and even more.

For the price, variety, quality and all , this is our favorite Italian restaurant. For a buffet the quality is amazing and always consistently good and excellent. You can graze and do tapas, sampling through the many of the salads, sides, pizza, spaghetti (and meatballs) ,chicken ( roasted , baked ), fried fish, soups and other dishes. You can just concentrate on a couple dishes if you want but it is more fun to "graze" and try different dishes The crispy and delectable calamari is "to die for" (much better compared to PF Changs). The chicken spedini is delicious and is also one of my favorites that I always have to try. The vegetable and other different types of frittata are crispy Don't shy away from a buffet. . Then work your way to the fantastic desserts, the ice cream. Fri to Sunday night they have a crepe bar that you can fill with fruis, whipping cream and more. I always bring relatives, family and friends here when they want Italian. They are truly amazed at the price and how good the food is. And for those who don't think that the food is "not Italian enough" I say fine. If you have not tried this "buffet" you are missing out quality that is consistently good and has all types of Italian fare. Plus its on a good budget.

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