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Friday, October 17, 2008

Garozzos: Very good food ,ample portions but its a dark place and you need to pay for salad

I've known about Garozzos for years but never ate at any of the places. I know its popular and has higher then average Italian meals price (no matter how good they might be ) where you also have to pay extra for salads. Italian food like this is not on my radar. But when friends called for us to come for a birthday, I thought we'll we give a try and see what it is all about. It's a dark place and I have to use my red astronomy light to see the menu and figure what to order. The place was full of kids and families, older families and more. It was noisy. The waiter was very good all way through but he seemed disappointed we did not want to order wine. There was plenty of crusty bead. There were different type salads that others got but they did not seem like a big deal. Like I said I am not going to pay an extra $3 for an already pricey meal. I got the Canelloni which is a crepe filled with veal, beef and chicken served with a flavorful tomato cream sauce. It looked like an enchilada but I was disappointed there were only 3 and little chunks of veal/meat/chicken inside. It was tasty but did not have the enough meat like at Cinzetttis. My wife settled on the chicken spiedini samantha which was pretty big with artichoke hearts but it should be for the price ($19 yikes). The staff is attentive, always bustling around the place and seranaded our friend for her birthday. Speidinis are a better but more pricier value.We had a good time with our friends but I expected to be more full (I downed a lot of bread) which the cannelonis did not provide. We sample the spumoni (good smooth taste) and the desert canneloni was good and creamy. We might come for my wife's birthday (they get a free speidini) and if so I will order something more substantial like lasagna which was my first choice in the first place.Garozzo is good but for the price, value, variety of food, price which includes at least a salad with the meal and fills me up, I will alway go to Cinzettis (for me that 's Italian).

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