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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recipes are a level above your ordinary Mexican fare

I not sure when I got this book (1989 date) but it is a handsome book with very different authentic Mexican recipes from all over Mexico. I just rediscovered it in my collection on the bottom of a shelf. I have tried a few of the recipes but now discovered and looking through the impressive versatile and different recipes I will try more soon.The grilled chicken with oregano (9.2/10) was good. I have not tried the exotic and different types of green, black and red and other varied mole recipes but I need to . The albigonas (meatball soup) looks interesting as well several other chicken, beef recipes. The corn pudding is one I will try , the BBQ fish and chipotlesauce looks different.The black beef stew and beef with chili are ones too. Most of the recipes have ingredients that you can find at grociers or latin/ mexican store. Most are easy to medium in length and won't take that long but several may be more time intensive (there is no time to make listed on each recipe). Nice index, listing of chiles and other ingredients and even where to find some stores around the country.Some black and white pics but they are small. But it is the detailed and above and beyond recipes from the ordinary that will have your guests/ family smiling.

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