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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate to say it but but I found the NFS last episode incredibly boring

I hate to say it but but I found the NFS last episode incredibly boring (and I really do/did love the show). They all should NOT have their own show and none of the finalist deserved to have all of the components to be there. That is by the judges own admission. So what does that say? The judges look for perfection and yet somehow they completely “missed the boat” or purposely chose the finalists based on “being parts of the whole”. I have no idea what their criteria was or is. And that goes for picking them and “offing ” them off on each round. Still all each finalist have to do is survive til the next round somehow.

I liked Kelsey. What got her to this stage is exactly what the judges did not want "to hear". They were just waiting for her to "fall on her face". Too bad.

Adam really stunk up the show with his cooking and his “acting” and he survived which in itself is ridiculous. He failed at his restaurant business ( how I would like to hear about that!) and yet he is within reach of doing his own cooking show? Oy veh.

I don’t mind Aaron’s cooking and it might be a fun show. However Lisa handled the kids episode really well (working with them) and her recipes well she has been consistent which is more then I can say for Adam. I’ll watch til the end, but I am now bored because of all the inconsistencies , the JAG thing last year, the judges last year and this year and all of the finalists this year. If one has to make it I hope it is Lisa or Aaron. It will be quite a shame if Adam makes considering he has been so ridicuously terrible in the beginning . But that was then, this is now. We shall see

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