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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Travel Gourmet Throwdown: Anthony Bourdain vs Andrew Zimmern

Anthony Bourdain started his culinary adventures while working in a restaurant in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He has risen to be a chef, author, writer, TV show producer and judge / critic for Top Chef. I liked his first show Cooks Tour but the No Reservations I just can't stomach. Instead his name should be BORE-DAIN. He is too full of himself, likes to use fancy words. He plops into his restaurant once in awhile while the underpaid Mexicans who cook do the work for him while he is away (most of the time most likely). With Cooks Tour he actually talked about the finer points of foods and cooking and finding new ideas, restaurants and places to eat from all of the world. But now he is just boring. His shows are back on the Food Channel now that Emeril Lagassiz left to the Fine Living Channel (I had heard that Bourdain left the Food Channel as he had disparaging words to say about Emeril.)
In contrast, I find Andrew Zimmern and his Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel) , quirky, funny and more informative. At least Mr. Zimmern has insights into the foods he likes and does not like. While most of the stuff is weird, I still learn about cultures, food and about people from around the world. For my money I will keep watching Bizarre foods and turn off Bourdain's shows when I see them coming.

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