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Monday, May 12, 2008

Make an entree sing, add salsa try this great book

Sometimes all you need to make a food entree really "sing" is to add a salsa. No matter what kind of food you are having you can find a great one in the book called The Great Salsa Book by the great Chef Mark Miller. Several salsa types included in this book are : tomato and Tomatillo, Chile , Tropical , Fruit , corns , Bean, Garden, Nut, seed and herb , Ocean and exotic. In the book there are also cooking techniques, a glossary, sources to find ingredients and conversion scales. The recipes are not complicated, usually don't involve too many ingredients and are indeed many are not ordinary. If you don't like to experiment and try something new this book is not for you. But I love to experiment and work with new ingredients and more.

The one I tried today with breaded tilapia was the Sun- dried Tomato salsa (anchovy, garlic, basil , thyme, sun dried tomatoes and more spices) gave it nice salty but garlicy/ oniony spin. I would rate it 9.4/10. Ones that I have tried are the Tricolor salsa (9.6/10), Chipotle Tomatillo (9.6/10), Apple and Green chile salsa (9.4/10). Fabulous ones are the Corn and Green Chile salsa (9.8/10) and the Barbados Black Bean salsa (9.8/10).

BBQ and eating season is upon us. You can be sure I will try more of these amazing salsas. Find the book and try them for yourself!

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