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Friday, November 23, 2007

My best meals ever

I have been compiling the best meals I have ever eaten. This is tough.

Name the ones you liked in the past, lately or whenever or even what you want to try but have not (watch Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel - what a hoot). Name 1-10 , just one , a few or couple of your favorites.
Include date, where , meal with specifics and anything else.

My best last one in Tucson, AZ after photographing and videotaping hummingbirds and also stormchasing in July 2007, was at the J bar.
We had a fantastic ground lamb appetizer. I had plantain enrusted chicken which was great. But the chocolate jalapeno sunday was unbelievable amd amazing.

Other memorable meals not necessarily in order :
(1) medieval buffet in Austrian castle - the blood sausage was nasty but the rest of the stuff was great (1999) ;
(2) chicken munfungo Puerto Rico (1998) ;
(3) superb South African Buffet with exotic curries, meats, etc Cape Town, SA (2001) ;
(4) Beef and salad in Senegal, Africa (1973); many meals aboard Celebrity cruiseship Galaxy (1998) ;
(5) several Thai restaurants in Seattle and Vancouver (2003);
(6) Norwegian Buffet at Epcot Center - Disneyland , FL (many years ago);
(7) Italian meals when I was young and growing up in Providence, RI (1960s) -my current favorite one now without a doubt is Cinzetti's -in Overland Park , KS - an all you can eat buffet with the best fried calamari, desserts, frittatas and much more with excellent quality;
(8) BBQ at Foreillas Jack State BBQ , Hayward's in Kansas City area as well as the BBQ at the judging cookoffs that I do around Kansas & MO during the summer (today and last few years since I came to Kansas );
(9) Malay Cafe near Kansas City airport last few years (not as good now :
(10) Indian food buffet at Korma Sutra in Overland Park and India Palace in Lawerence and OP, KS ;
(11) Marakeesh mediterranean food buffet- best flavoraful med food superb in OP, KS

I look forward to hearing your responses

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