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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Food channel Sunday disaster 7/15/2007

Well I could not believe as I watched the Food Channel Sundays (8:00 CT) Food Network 7/15/2007 for several reasons. Probably many others who watched the Food Channel Sundays (8:00 CT) Food Network star - to get down to final 2 contestants) could not believe it either.

The field was narrowing to 2. During this show in particular, the judges said that the final two would be decided by the 7/15/2007 happenings and results but also the previous events etc and what happened with each contestant. This included what the judges felt about the food and recipes cooked; their experience " under fire" and how they performed under certain conditions to test their Food Network star skills to do their own show.

Based on all of that, the two women should end up in the finals (Rory and Amy).
However the Food Network judges disregarded all this to pick Jag (but there is more read on ) to team against Rory.

Amy was more polished all the way through all of the shows with her food, acting, meeting the needs of the show etc etc etc. Her on the fly telling about what is going on with the iron chef like battle was said to "thorough and polished." Her recipes, food, home style girl attitude and more were given high marks. She had said she wanted to quit a show or two before but that was just nerves or etc.

Rory was hanging by a thread because of her attitude sometimes, her attitude during tasks given and even some food. Her food was a star this night however. She was the in the last two several weeks but "made the cut."

Jag all along has medicor food, did a caribbean recipe but could not name what ingredients were found in his or any carib recipe (geezzzzzzzzzz!!!) was a crybaby in one session in particular . His did not do as well on camera in all facets.

Still they picked Jag over Amy. I was stunned. But there is more.
Jag resigned after that because his army and culinary was not what was posted and what he talked about. How stupid is that!!! He did not deserve to be in the final 2 anyway. Potential yes but supposedly the network big wigs said the final etc would be rated on what they did and did not do not potential although that factored in for the show .

In struts Amy to take the place of Jag. That is the way it should have been. I just don't know what they were thinking.

The voting is over and we will see who wins. I hope it's Amy. Rory will be okay (last years finalist should have been canned a few shows before- the current guy is great).


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