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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Restuarnant Finds : Waldo Pizza: it's about I tried this place

Waldo Pizza on Urbanspoon
I heard this place was a long time favorite, had good pizza and has been around along time. I've never been here in my 20+ years in the KC area. In my search for the best pizzas, I thought why not sample many of its offerings during the lunch buffet. It is #1 pizza place in the area b Urbanspoon so that clinched.
Walking in the door I was seated immediately. Boxes and boxes were constantly going out for take outs. All sorts of people from businessman to families to couples kept streaming in all hour while I was there.
The salad bar was substantial with only one type of lettuce but man condiments (boiled egg, peas, etc) and dressings (except where was m beloved french to pair with the blue cheese). In short, I found all the pizzas good from the several I sampled from hamburger,s sausage (thick good), cheese (thick), tomato, olives and more (very good more like deep dish) and others. Also there was a real nice lasagna type dish made with not lasagna noodle but big bow ties. The very addictive desert apple pizza was superb , not too sweet and had a great crust too.
However I found several of pizzas were a little too salty for some reason. Not that bad to make me not eat them but definitely so that I felt the flavors were masked by extra salt. (Having been to China the previous summer, I can say I am an expert in too much salt ).
Waldo’s has specialty pizzas ( dozens of ingredients try), sandwiches, starters and even offers New Orleans Gumbo, beverages and beers and more on tap.
I do like this place but with the reservation about the salt. I am not sure if the saltiness is a one time thing. I probably think not though. People must just like it that way. However for my buck I would still go to my new favorite Sarpinos (on Quivira) and our other favorite Spin Neopolitan Pizza.

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