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Saturday, August 29, 2009

restaurant finds : The Best Food Ever Ate- Pizza

Big Pie in the Sky on Urbanspoon

I’ve been to Atlanta for conferences and visit a friend and once. I’ve been to Asian restaurants, Chinese and lunch places. Pizza is no one my list. There are 868 pizza places by count in the Atlanta area. We rarely go out for Pizza. Frankly I don’t know how all the pizza places stay in business. Apparently there are a lot of people people eating pizza all the time.

Spin Neapolitan Pizza on Urbanspoon

Our favorite special pizza place like Neopolitan Pizza in Olathe, KS and a few others in Missouri , Kansas City area is a real great place to go not only for pizzas but more. But this is our current favorite. To me it is the best so because of the ingredients, wood fired oven, crust and toppings. The eggplant one, with mozzarella cheese and sun dried tomato was awesome. I did not know they own the Bagel & Bagel and Einstein Bagel locally.Also check out their cool dessert gelatto.

Recently while stormchasing around Omaha, Nebraska this year (2009) , I hit Pizza Hut buffet for the good deal it was and it was not too bad along with another small chain in Omaha. But I am still working for better pizzas besides the one I make on my own ( I love to make Thai pizza and more).

But Big Pie in the Sky one is the #75 restaurant as voted in the area by Urbanspoon and #6 pizza place so it can’t be that bad. I noticed it on the food challenge in Man vs Food TV show. While I like to pig out, this would be even too much for me to down the 30 inch pie with someone. No one has even made it and I can see one. I am getting too old and selective to pig out even half this much and beside my wife would kill me.

But closer to where I grew up (Providence, RI), there are some in NYC (and other places perhaps depending on where I travel were recently featured in the new Food Channel TV show, The Best Food I ever ate, which is fast becoming one of my shows to find the best places to eat.

Graziella Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Ted Allen likes this place as his best. He loves the arguula and parmesan plus olive oil. He loves the thin crust.

Original Gino's East on Urbanspoon
But Duff Golman (Ace of Cakes) likes Gino’s East likes this Gino;s East. Sausage monster deep dish with tons of meat.

But Mark Summers disagrees on the best place. He finds his in of all place Philadelphia where there are over 2000 pizza joints. There are 4 of the Osterio places and he finds this the best one so I wondered why. It’s not in Urbanspoon’s top 10.

Osteria on Urbanspoon

Marc Summers loves the Marguerite pizza . Basil, olive oil, wood burning over flavored , crispy , he just loves all the smells of it . He likes to eat the whole pie by himself!

Serious Pie on Urbanspoon

I’ve been to Seattle and loved the thai, Asian (Wild Ginger restaurant) and others. But a Pizza town, Never thought of it. But there are over 800 and while this one is not in the top 10, over 800 people at this point rated it 80% favorable. So he must know what he is talking about. But which one does he like the best? Tyler Florence likes the Roasted Chanterels Truffle Cheese pizza at Serious Pie as hit favorite. It’s got mushrooms, sea salt, chewy sour dough bread like crust baked with Apple wood in its oven.

I have seen pizza with potato on it and have some recipes maybe even tried one or two creations myself in the last years. But now because this food network star in NYC and her restaurant Butter chooses this one a try, I might have to try it the next time I am in N NYC. But before that may come about I might have to use my new thin shaving mandolin to make one myself. But I have to search for what will make it special besides the pizza and recipes I already have to compare.

Five Points on Urbanspoon

And just like, my wife or get a pizza craving once in awhile when the pizza song plays in our ears, Alex Guarnaschelli has to go to this place. But why this place. She never thought of a potato pizza but she says it is special. But why makes it her favorite? The lightness of the potatoes, the crust and more. So I must fine a good recipe and surprise it on my wife and see what she thinks.

And this is another different type pizza you normally see at the low cost pizza buffets. They are never bad but it would be interesting to find a real good recipe to try. Chocolate Pizza at Max Brenner in NYC might have the key ingredients before I get to NYC again.

Max Brenner, Chocolate By the Bald Man on Urbanspoon

Aaron Sanchez found this one in a serious chocolate place. Over 200 people love it (84%) and the Israeli chocolatier's first U.S. location as a chocolate-themed restaurant seems to be a hit. There is a lot and lot of chocolate going on here and I need to get to this place in the future. Some Urbanspoon mentioned the chocolate pizza, which was a soft sweet crust topped with melted milk chocolate and marshmallows. He likes the Belgian chocolate,pizza with layers on dough. It’s messy and sounds like a somores.

Meanwhile Red Salt pub in Atlanta has the best pizza . I would not think that with a pub but apparently this place has more going for it then standard boring pub food.
Red Salt on Urbanspoon

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