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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Culinary Combat : Battle Skirt steak NYC chef against Iron Chef America Morimoto

Tailor on UrbanspoonPeekytoe crab with pineapple foam; pork belly with miso-butterscotch; Arctic char; sassafras cake with smoked vanilla ice cream; apple with cumin ice cream; chocolate with sesame ice cream. Those are the top hits for this restaurant. But in a Iron Chef America battle Skirt Steak pairing the chef of Tailor Soho, Sam Mason and Iron Chef American Fusion chef , Masaharu Morimoto. Here the battle raged on with Beef as the main course or part of the battle. It was spirited battle. Mason paired different ingredients with the entrees like grilled steak with creme brulee , cocoa fried skirt steak (I must find a recipe for his) and an unusual skirt steak ice cream (yes!).
Morimoto focused on variety of textures . One was steak tartare , egg and pear with mango, papaya and jalapeno (I’ve got to find a similar recipe) and more . He had a slight edge in variety I thought. As my custom, before the verdict, I choose the winner. But then how close was I. Usually close within 2 to 3 points and on the right side of the battle. My conclusion this time was quite good. My thoughts were Morimoto winning by +5. He won by +7 so I was right in “the ball park”.
Morimoto beat the challenger by +4 in taste.
With Plating, Morimoto won +3.
Originality, I was a little surprised was a draw 12 to 12.
So there you have it .

Here is more about the restaurant and the Iron Chef America too.


More about Masaharu Morimoto .


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