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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Restaurant TV Finds : Man vs Food Brick Lane Curry House curry challenge

Katz's Deli on Urbanspoon
I grew up in Providence and get back to New England usually every year. I was in New York recently but missed these places. When I go back I will hit these places that were recently featured in Man vs Food (Travel Channel).

It’s Kosher style not kosher (I need to try Nathan’s truly Kosher restaurant someday too) but for most people that is not a big deal. The 1 lb hoagie sounds great. Here they sell corned beef and pastrami (10,000 lbs in one week). I love knishes ( almost like Jewish empanadas) so the ones here sound good.

Sylvia's on Urbanspoon

I love fried chicken and this place does it right. I find it interesting that at Sylvia’s fried chicken
is marinated wit h spices 24 hours ahead, marinate then floured and fried.

Brick Lane Curry House on Urbanspoon
But then on the show BRICK LANE CURRY HOUSE where the host took on the reputed hottest curry in the world. As the host Adam Richie said himself, Indian Vindaloo is “child’s play” compared to this curry. 10 ingredients, Thai chili, habanero and the “terror” . They wore gas masks as it was cooked. He used milk and mango lassi but does not look like much. He defeated the Phaal (Curry) Challenge by taking down the rest of the curry sauce with rice after finishing the curried chicken within the sauce. Not many have done this. One day I Will try the place but not this challenge. I prefer a variety here curry not so hot though.

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