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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gastronomic Musings: It's the beef, why is it better and how much do you pay?

Hereford House on Urbanspoon The Midwest is known for its beef. Having come from out East originally, I became enamored with the beef and its taste because it seemed so much better for some reason. There are so many steak houses all around the Kansas City area ranging from reasonably priced to expensive. Hereford is one of the ones that is the class of the latter. At this Leawood restaurant (as well as the other two), a wide array of choices also include chicken, salads and more. But if you come to this restaurant or one of the other ones, you have to go with a signature meal that comes from a steer, not a bird, fish or a set of greens. I mean its just heresy if you get something other then steak.
This place is relaxing and has a fine ambiance. The steaks are broiled over a hickory charcoal fire, which give it a nice flavor. Maybe that's what makes the beef better here, or one of the reasons? I had the small 5oz Top Sirloin. ( l love Prime Rib but I wanted to try "real steak"). At $12.95, its one of the lowest priced meals as well as the smallest steak. Twice baked potato with it is fine. The rest of our family and friends had the chicken and the higher prices steaks.
But the prices are much higher when you go about the small salmon steaks, grilled chicken and others. I guess there is something to be said for ambiance. But when do you choose a much higher priced entree in a restaurant ? Lately we've eaten steak at Ruby Tuesdays, Grill 54 and Outback and the steaks, like the one I ate here, have been flavorful and fine and were bigger pieces of steak for the price. I guess you could say " that's when bigger is better".
It is truly amazing to see the prices that people pay for higher priced steaks. I just can't do it though. If we go for steak, more "bang for the buck" is what I aim for . Still it was nice to try this venerable restaurant. Beef is where this place is at!

Hereford House on Urbanspoon

Hereford House on Urbanspoon

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