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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Food To Eat Here : Root beer and A & W Root Beer

A & W All-American Food on Urbanspoon Recently the Kansas City Star had a great article about all types of Root Beer but particularly home and commercial local brewers of root beer.. I love the exquisite taste of root beer. This heavenly concoction is my favorite pop (or soda is what I called it out East) because of the luscious foamy and rich taste. I did not know that “root beer “ has been around for along time, first made in colonial times in America. First originating as "small beers" ,a collection of local beverages (some alcoholic, some not) made during from a variety of herbs, barks, and roots.
Over the years I have tasted many types of root beers. I particularly like A &W which is the number one selling root beer in the world and was founded by Roy Allen, who began marketing root beer in 1919. I have partaken in this beverage in Kansas City, Lawrence and other locations. While this restaurant has All American food favorites, the signature item is the Root Beer by far and that is what I go for most of the time. If you are a root beer aficionado like I am, then this is one restaurant to swill some root beer with any other sandwich or part of the meal it comes with. I love the foamy, frothy rich taste of the root beer that comes right of the tape instead of in a bottle. That’s the way to drink it that is a step above the rest.

I also like Barq's Root beer which I drank at while eating a buffet in Lenexa. It made for a good dessert with vanilla ice cream. Barq's Root beeris distributed through the The Coca-Cola Company( I did not know that )and is made in Biloxi, MS. Purchased by Coca-Cola in the 1990s, Barq's has a unique creamy flavor and is one of the few brands that has caffeine in it.

There is a good listing of many types of root beer and additional information at these two sites.


A & W All-American Food on Urbanspoon

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