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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Culinary Combat : An Iron Chef (America) loses in Apple Battle

Tarbell's on Urbanspoon During the Iron Chef America battles, I try to size up who will win and by how much. I also notice some of the recipes, try to find similar ones and post them on this blog for you all to try before and after I try them. Most of the time, I am on the right side of the decision and am very close to the winning score (how much the winner wins by). I analyzed right this time when the challenger Tarbell winning over Kat Kora in the Apple battle.
I watch really closely analyzing the words of the judges, as they sample each dish. Tarbell scored with several dishes that I want to find and try: Apple fry bread, Celery root apple soup, and unusual Apple tamale with polenta. They rally liked the marrying of the Apple with the dishes.
Meanwhile Kat had some nice dishes that I want to find: Curried Apple Soup, Apple Walnut vinaigrette with a dish, Apple and sunchoke puree, Apple Hash.
It seemed like they liked Trabell's dishes better.
I thought Tarbell would win by +4 and he won by +6.
He outpointed her in taste 24 to 18 while the other categories evened each other out.

combatant Kora Tarbell
taste 18 24
plating 12 13
originality 44 50
While it will be awile until I get to this restaurant, I can sample some of his culinary works sooner by searching for some of those recipes. In fact, what is also nice is that Chef Tarbell has a very nice website with many more recipes.

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