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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baseball and Food Finds At the “K” , Kansas City , MO

Baseball is here and things are heating up in the stadium on the field. But that’s not only where thing are heating up. New management and eating venues give a whole lot of options other then hot dogs and peanuts.
I’ve been to ballparks in Boston and Kansas City.

We were all set to go to (as it is affectionately called) the“K”, as they call it, (Kaufman Stadium) for some baseball when my son and his buddy come in 4/26 from Kansas City. So I started to scout out what the new meals and items are for the new renovated menu selections. I just found out that we won’t be going to the game but I thought I would post what I found anyway.

A sampling of some of the foods available this year at Kauffman Stadium, in addition to the traditional ballpark fare:
• Rivals Sports Bar, a 150-seat restaurant that will serve menu items such as chicken nachos and hot wings.
• All-Star BBQ, which will feature a full array of Kansas City-style barbecue options such as burnt ends, ribs and brisket.
Sluggerrr’s Training Table, with special kid-sized portions.
In addition, some concession stands around the stadium will offered specialized foods, such as the KC Cantina, which will offer burritos and other Mexican food.
“Baseball is an eating sport, and I think as you see a lot of these venues — baseball parks — opening like this, it’s much more than just what’s on the field,” says Scott McGinn, district manager for Aramark. “It’s about the entire fan experience.”
Sample menu
• Blackened catfish sandwich ($9.50)
• KC ribeye steak ($10.50)
Cheesesteak sandwich ($7.75)
• Onion rings ($4.75)
• Buffalo chicken sandwich ($7.75)
• Fish and chips ($8.50)
• Meatball sub sandwich ($6.50)
• Chicken tenders ($7.75)
• Pot roast slider ($9)
• Cobb salad ($10.50)
• Fruit cup ($4.50) and yogurt cup ($4)
• Hog wings ($10)
• Half rack of ribs and two sides ($16)
• Chicken nachos ($7.25)
• Jumbo hog dogs ($4.25)
• Barbecue brisket sandwich ($9)

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