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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upscale, inside is a little dark but the food shines

J. Gilbert's on UrbanspoonUpscale restaurants are not my standard place to go. While I I have more then five reasons to choose a restaurant (more about these thoughts later in the another blog segment to come), they do come about . I finally had a chance to come here near dusk one early night for a group meeting. The sun had just set. The place was dark inside but I found out that the food shines here.s. The menu is upscale and so are some of the prices going up to $37.50 for entrees like the USA Prime Cab Kansas City Strip (did I forget its 12 oz) with cheddar mash potatoes, red onion rings. The place was packed. But at this function I was attending, I could choose from a small but highly touted menu of entrees from the bigger menu which had a very nice assorted appetizers, soups, salad, steaks, pork chops and more. I could see why people have come here before and like the place. This place has, the menu has variety and there items that are what I say " are a level above ordinary and more" . While the prices are a little (or very ) steep for my liking, I could see why this place is a favorite for many. But what would be my conclusions?
The house salad was the first course and that was the easy part. The entree choices were a little more problematic. There were the 6 oz Center Cut, the pan roasted chicken w/Marsala Sage sauce and the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Buerre Blanc. I knew the steak would be good. The Buerre Blanc (see recipe below) with Salmon ( that I love) did not sound that interesting except for the Lobster with it. What piqued my interest was the Pan Roasted Chicken that would come with Marsala Sage Sauce. Now somehow the last one sounded the most interesting choice which I ordered. I debated changing my order for several minutes but I stuck with it. I was glad I did.
While others liked the steak and the salmon, but the plating mesmerized me (now when have said that and enjoyed plating ? Well possibly one of the best I have seen since I at Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger near Newton, Mass last year).
The salad (garden variety greens, frisee, radicchio, watercress, and an rather unspectacular Honey Balsamic vinaigrette with shredded Parmesan. The chipotle mashed were fine but the chicken was sublime. The sage and Marsala wine reduction sauce married well with the two small chicken breasts (normally $18.75). Slightly sweet with a slightly wine tangy flavor. I really savoured each bite of the wood fired chicken. I definitely would have try to duplicate this recipe and I found one (see below).
I chose the New York Style Cheesecake instead of the Chocolate Velvet Cake because I love cheesecake (any kind, anywhere) and don't make it myself. It came with an Oreo with Raspberry sauce and it was dreamy. The service was excellent and attentive.
I might never come back here again but we might together for a special occasion. The ambience is nice. Though its dark inside, I know what I like the the menu so I may not have to use my red light to read the menu. But if I do, I could see getting the Blackened Chicken ( with smoked gouda , roast pepper cream sauce ) or the Jamacian (which I love) Chicken or we share the Caribbean Mixed Grill. Until that time, check back for similar recipes. If I make a recipe like this delicious Marsala sage sauce and see what my wife thinks. I think she will like it.

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