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Monday, February 2, 2009

I thouight the salad and breadsticks included soup?

Olive Garden on UrbanspoonWe have been here for dinner and lunch several times. This time, dinner with all you can eat breadsticks and salad. Advertising says it includes soup but that is probably only for lunch possibly. We decided to add a tomato and veggie pizza and test out how the pizzas are compared to others. The salad is not bad with a spicy Italian dressing. (My preference is for caesar salad but that is not one of the AYCE options. We noshed on several helping of salad. Breadsticks are long, chewy but not particularly enticing but we ate a few anyway. The pizza was nicely baked, had tomatoes on it and with the olives we wanted. Definitely not thin crust pizza, not chicago style but chewy and good. The waiter was attentive and "talked us into" ordering a dessert. There were several choices and we narrowed it down to the gelato and a chocolate cake (which we took).
It was dark chocolaty, creamy with different types of chocolate. We finished every little shread of it as it was so good. After thinking it over, I would not get this bread sticks and salad thing deal again. For just a few dollars more, a meal comes with an entree and the salad and bread comes with it. So this might be the last time we do the salad and breadsticks ploy with/out a pizza. Still we had a nice time. But OG is not my favorite Italian place (Cinzetti's is) but this restaurant is closer. But if they throw in the soup for lunch I might come again.

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