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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love the coffee not Starbucks

McDonald's on UrbanspoonThis MacDonalds is convenient going to and from Kansas City/ Lawrence and when I am stormchasing. Grab a quick bite, easy. I've eaten at many other McDonald's over the years (who hasn't) in Lawrence, Kansas City and elsewhere. I have been here and at other time based on the new foods and beverages etc that come out while trying some of the ones that have been out for years, once in awhile. I am not much for chains but breakfast is a little different story. With family we go out, but by myself or with the two of us, we hit the local fast foods more often then not. I don't like Starbucks coffees. I really like and think the McCafe coffees and iced Mocha and iced coffees are very good. Who hasn't been to McDonald's for other food? When my kids were younger they wanted to go not for the food but mostly for the prizes/gifts that came with them. This drove me crazy. Now they are in college, so I go when I want. Times have changes as McDonald's now doles out healthy snacks and meals. Still the Saturated fats make up many entrees. I get burgers once in awhile but they are still not my favorite. They regular hamburgers are cheap ( I prefer charbroiled ones). Once in awhile I will get a Big Mac or quarter pounder but definitely not the healthiest thing. The fries, people say are the best, I rarely eat (want something better try sweet potato fries- hmm why doesn't McDonald's have them?). Not many know, it's the shakes that really made the company grow as the they bought the best shake-maker of that time and that along with the fries really "exploded the business upward". I rarely get the shakes (I prefer the Wendy's Frosty). One item I might try is the new Lunch honey mustard snack wraps and compare them to other chains.

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