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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Health and delicious recipes are not an oxymoron

You wouldn't think that health and fantastic foods/recipes don't go together. But they do in this book by Ellie Krieger, The Food Channel healthy fitness guru.The main tenet of the book is a healthier way to eat and cook while not depriving yourself. And this has struck a cord with many people. I like her mottos " keep it fresh, add a pinch of salt, know the nutrition but don't go overboard". Also helpful are essential nutrients for your good health, a new pantry (what to put on the shelf) and using portions for your benefit and healthy eating. But what about the recipes? Fabulous. She has assembled a stock full of healthy but gorgeous looking recipes that you will want to eat (crave!) because they not only will look good, they sound good and they are good for you. And they are not boring by any means. Take for example for this recipe which puts a different spin on grilled cheese: sweet and spicy grilled cheese sandwiches which I liked a lot and rated it (9.4/10). Another one that I did not look closely for but found out about through her Food Network show was this recipe for Beef Tenderloin and Rosemary and Chocolate (actually cocoa) which sounds so good now that I have found about it, I will make it and see what my wife thinks! And there are others in this book and displayed on her show. Many of these recipes are like that- taking food and recipes to different levels sometimes with a different method, ingredient or way of making the recipe. . Plus it's fun to make new and interesting recipes that dazzle but are also healthy. You can be sure I will crave more by trying more from this great book that let's you enjoy healthy but great food

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