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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Milton's : great place

My son who now goes to Juliard Music school in New York City, recently came into Lawrence. We wanted to go for Sunday brunch. He mentioned Milton's because he really liked the place. That's good enough for me. It was a good decision. The place is always packed and now I know why. We had to with just a few moments before being seated.
Milton's supposedly has some of, if not the best coffee in town (Lawrence). It is quite good with a variety of different coffees. You get a mug and then pony up to the bench to pour out whichever coffee you might like. I tried Milton's special blend and it is excellent. The only thing I did not like are some of the people that are sitting in front of the coffee and you either have to get around them or ask them if you squeeze in. Now on to the food.
Their menu is varied and has everything from sandwiches, breakfast items,Italiann fare, many egg dishes and much, much more.I chose the calzone which was enormous, the size of my arm and looked like it too. It came with a little cup of soup which was quite good. Nicely crusted dough surrounded the beef and cheeses inside, the calzone was delicious. I spread some of the tomato sauce on it and that really made it even better. My son had huevo ranchero and he liked it. My wife had one of their small pizza which was very good while my daughter had a salad.
Most people have tried Milton's and it is a favorite for them. Now it is one of my favorite when we come to Lawrence.

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