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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hop on over to Jumpin Catfish for great food and prices

Jumpin Catfish on Urbanspoon
We have eaten at this place for several years. Each time the service is great, the food is nicely priced and the seafood ( there is more then that ) is terrific. The menu is large and there is quite a variety, fish , seafood, chicken, game, and much more . There are specials like all you can eat quail ( many ways to have it your ways ), all you can eat fried chicken (awesome) and 2:1 lobsters. The fried chicken is succulent, juicy on the inside and right on crunchy on the outside, The quail has great flavor (the lemon pepper is different ) while the elk steak was very different and had a great taste. The service is attentive and they bring you and keep bringing you all that you want of great tangy coleslaw (we love it almost as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken's ), navy baked beans with bits of ham, and superb hush puppies ( they are made very well here). It does get crowded sometime but the wait is not long. There are always families and sometimes kids but the place is not noisy. The catfish is probably is very good (all you can eat if you want to) but we don't eat catfish so I can't pass along information about how good the lobsters are either. But if these are like the other parts of the menu offerings, it will be spot on good like the other entrees. Jump on over to catfish and try it . There is always something that will make you happy here at qreat prices.

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