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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Elephant Bar:barring unforseen circumstances, its regular Asian

Elephant Bar on Urbanspoon I've been to South Africa and run into real elephants at a preserve. The big thing then was getting ready for unexpected sights, sounds and smells. And that is the real reason to visit anywhere. In my case, I am looking for something different, a level above in taste and originality for the price.
I can see why people keep on coming here for lunch and dinner .We have been here once to sample their dinner. We liked the layout of the place which is very appealing. Almost full activity abounded. The menu is very affordable and has Pacific Rim ( Japanese, Chinese, Asian, Regional type) dishes with fish, seafood, chicken and more . However for the most part, these entrees are ones that are mostly seen in other Chinese and Asian restaurants and don't really have their own spin on the food (even the names are the for the most part the same). So what I like in the quality of menu, I am not really crazy about their originality of the dishes. But maybe the taste would set them apart. They did not.
The are quite a few appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, desserts and specials. However if you are like us, we don't eat seafood, pork or crab. So when we look for some of the specials, those are not possible. Even the specials usually include these so this limits the possibilities.
My wife had the MisoYaki Fire Grilled Salmon and it was good but not great. My chicken marsala was good but not great. It's like the tastes were subdued. There was just something about both dishes. They were okay but not really special. They tasted fine but there was not special "zing" to them. Something in the ingredients and how they are made, I just could not "put my finger " on the "lack of zest".
It's not that we dislike this place and the dishes. We don't. I think there is a lot for people to like here. That is why I see a lot of people out in the parking lot always. Many options at reasonable prices. For me its a close call, but there is not enough "originality" for me to come back here . Maybe if there is an unusual special offered in their ads. For the most part I don't see that happening. The people who usually come here come mostly for the "regular" Asian - Pacific Rim fare. And for me that's not enough.

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