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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chilaca Mexican Grill & Cantina

Chilaca Mexican Grill & Cantina

Category: Mexican [Edit]
205 N Rawhide Rd
Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 829-0500

I never hear of this place. It is in the old Denny's (any Denny's we hate they are dreadful) building next to the Days Inn. This is one of 3, I now see are in the KC area. Apparently this restaurant came in to give the place some spice. And that is a good thing! We like eating Mexican food and have tried many in the KC area. I was a little skeptical of this place but hey we were hungry so let's give it a shot. It said it was authentic. There were adults and also families eating so it can't be all bad. It had a wide and variety menu. Well the young waiter was marvelous and very helpful in helping us decide. The advertisement said the salsa and chips were award winning. I was surprised as the salsa and chips were not particularly exciting or special. Very little tang, spice or something different then tomato sauce. (But maybe that is good?). I targeted the meals. My wife ordered and liked her steak quesadilla. She liked the fresh ingredients and the flavors. When she wanted some guacamole the waiter obliged. Instead of fajitas and some of the specials I opted to try something more that could be cooked instead of grilled. The steak and cheese enchiladas had a little cheese and chunks of meat. Their was a decidedly a very smokey flavor to the cheese and dish which gave it a different taste which caught me a little by surprise (which was good). I like difference. It was even good when I took part of my meal home for lunch as the flavors were excentuated in a different way. She liked the place and would not mind going back. When she says something like that that means it is definitely a good place to go back. Maybe then I will try the fajitas or the special tilapia dish or something else.

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