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Monday, December 15, 2008

Eyewitness Travel Beijing & Shanghai

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, helpful, packed with information and light, December 15, 2008
DK Eyewitness Travel

Since my wife and I would be going to China in 2009 (to see the next total eclipse), I wanted to "get the lay of the land "so to speak and find out more specifically what the cities had for us and more. While we would be on a tour, I still wanted to know more for myself as well as being able to tell more on the videos, websites and presentations I would create. I looked at about 10 books that I thought were good and covered what I wanted. I wanted to find more about not only the sights and traveling (mostly we would be in and around Shanghai and Beijing before and after the eclipse and because of this would not need a book that would include other parts of China) but more about the sights, monuments, art, museums;architecture and more. The layout of the book is splendid. What I really got this book for was the nice color illustrations, photos, maps.It is light enough for me to take with us. The information does have text that is small but that is because the book packs so much useful information (much of what I wanted to know about) . The sections for hotel and restaurant information will help those who might be finding their own way. But since we already have our hotels and most of the places to eat already arranged on the tour, I was not too focused on these but the restaurant information would help when we were had to fend for ourselves. The " Where to Eat " section is quite good and includes what to focus upon in Beijing and Shanghai.I have been all around the world and have cooked and eaten all types of food and recipes but I still found this part well done and helpful.However unlike some other books, it was difficult for me to locate particular restaurants on the map, because the exact location were not noted via a red dot or something to fine particular restaurants, a more easier process (for this I would use another book). However there was an excellent legend key/ set of symbols that can help find restrooms, tourist information and more. There are nice sections on excursions, nightlife information and walking tour info. There is an excellent Beijing street finder map and subway map. There is even a nice little phrase section to learn about the language. So if you are going to Shanghai and/or Beijing find this book and look it over even if you have to use a magnifying glass! (I could still see the type very well). The book is packed with a lot of great information, is handsomely laid out and has much of the information I was looking for. It might be the one for you too.

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