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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The heat is on: your mouth is on fire- what can you do?

Once in Ann Arbor, I was eating in a local Mexican restaurant. I asked for for hot sauce. They brought out a plastic grate with about 20. I started trying many. However within a few minutes, one of them was hitting me hard and I ran to the bathroom. I say on the toilet as sweat dripped down my face like a gushing stream. But I was fine. So what can you do if a food has too much fire?

(1) Water does not help as the fiery capsein, found in the hot peppers, is not water soluble but in oil and alcohol. So water won't help unless rinse you mouth with water for aboutg 11 minutes.

(2) Olive oil only helps a little

(3) fruit syrup only helps a little too

(4) Milk does much better because the solution acts like a " detergent" removing the heat capsein from the nerve receptor sites in your mouth.

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